Step outside and there is beauty, fun and a surprise around every corner. We’d like to invite you to capture this for all of us to enjoy in our East Meets West Master Gardener Conference Photo Contest. 

There is a competition going on here, to be sure, but we believe all of us will be winners as you submit those wonderful photos. They tell the story of the great outdoors and the reason we all have become Master Gardeners. Happy snapping!

Find a link to download the Photo Contest Guidelines at the bottom of this page.

Photo Contest categories

Art in the Garden

Adam Schwerner will be keynoting our          conference on the living beauty he seeks to design into his gardens and landscapes. See the art in the natural world around you and capture it. From nature’s wonders to your own designs - all are welcome. Our gardens are made of more than plants. 

Master Gardeners in Action

Master Gardeners can and do make a difference in our communities every day. Capture the volunteer story in pictures in your area of Washington. 

Spring and Summer Interest

A garden awakening in the spring.  A lazy summer afternoon under a tree.   Outstanding ornamentals and edible beauty.   All of these and more can easily fall into this category. 

Fall and Winter Interest

Fall brings peace and completion to a garden.  Winter ushers in rest and wonders of its own.  Capture these in photos to remind of us all of the glories of this time of year. 

Creatures Large and Small

The wild world has wonders around every corner. Gardens create a natural habitat for many creatures. Wild and not so wild creatures become companions in the enjoyment of our gardens. Beetles, butterflies, birds and bunnies take center stage and steal the show. 

Washington Garden Vignette

Washington harbors numerous ecosystems north, south, east, and west. All contribute to the wonder and diversity of this place we love. Share the joys of your area of our state.  


 Find out how you can participate by downloading and reading the contest guidelines here.