Diagnostics Knowledge Bowl

What is a Diagnostics Knowledge Bowl?


Spend a fun-filled hour demonstrating your diagnostic skills in a contest similar to the TV show "Jeopardy". Know your stuff? -- Give great answers? -- Think on your feet? Why not create a county team to compete in the Diagnostic Knowledge Bowl at the afternoon plenary session on Friday, September 28, at 1:30 pm? Three 3-member teams will be selected to participate in the Diagnostics Knowledge Bowl by taking a short pre-test. Prizes will be awarded. 

Questions? Want to register a team? Contact us at chelanmastergardeners@gmail.com

Questions, prepared by the host program clinicians, will be verbal and pictorial, east/west neutral, and based on the WSU Master Gardener Diagnostic Clinic Reporting Codes. WSU Master Gardeners of Chelan/Douglas County are ineligible to compete. 

 Knowledge Bowl attendees and participants receive 1 CE credit.  Additional CE is available to contestants pursuant to the WSU Master Gardener CE policy for research to give a presentation or write a newspaper article. http://mastergardener.wsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Continuing-Education-Policy-for-WSU-MG-Volunteers.pdf  

We hope you'll join the fun!

Sample Question


Name 3 insect pests that damage cucurbits.


Stink bug

Squash bug


stink bug - Halyomorpha halys

(brown marmorated stink bug)

squash bug - Anasa tristis